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28 May Weekly report 22-28/05/2023
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Good morning crypto! Here is the latest weekly report for your favorite crypto currencies.Major levels for BTC and ETHBITCOINETHEREUMMA50 (D)28 189 $1886 $MA100 (D)26 780 $1793 $MA200 (D)22 879 $1581 $EMA 21 (W)25 889 $1755 $Great weekly close for both Bitcoin and Ethereum, which will potentially le..
12 May Weekly report 08-14/05/2023
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Good morning crypto! We are finally back with the reports, so let's start with the weekly one.Major levels for BTC and ETHBITCOINETHEREUMMA50 (D)28 493 $1883 $MA100 (D)26 123 $1759 $MA200 (D)22 319 $1556 $EMA 21 (W)25 306 $1716 $As you can see from the table above, we are still holding all major lev..
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