Good morning crypto! We are finally back with the reports, so let's start with the weekly one.

Major levels for BTC and ETH

MA50 (D)28 493 $1883 $
MA100 (D)26 123 $1759 $
MA200 (D)22 319 $1556 $
EMA 21 (W)25 306 $1716 $

As you can see from the table above, we are still holding all major levels for both Bitcoin and Ethereum and there is no need to panic. Very key level is the weekly 21 EMA, which is currently at around 25500$ and this is your long entry if you are searching for positions. Another key level if 25500$ falls is the daily MA200 at 22300$. Anyway, my personal opinion is that we are still bullish and the local top is not in - I will search it around 35000-40000$, where we have a massive resistance (the billion dollar BTC market cap is over there). And don't forget something very, very important - a level is broken when we close a whole candle above/below it. This means the daily MA will be broken if we have a daily close below/above - don't freak out if we wick on the 1H or 4H timeframes.

Altcoins - where next?

The altcoins now are still underwater. I didn't expect so deep corrections, but the meme coins again took the light from the real projects. As you know my portfolio is divided into three major parts - metaverse (MANA, SAND, GALA), AI (GRT) and old memes related to Elon Musk and Twitter (DOGE, SHIB, FLOKI). I also have portions of MATIC, AUDIO and LUNC. Where to cash out everything? Guys, we are far away from that moment. Maybe I will take off some profits if a mini-alt-season occurs in the next few months, but all my holdings are here for the real rally in 2024/2025. Now is the moment to accumulate crypto, in which you believe - don't be toxic to others after every dump. 


DXY is as you know, the best indicator for the global crypto movements. The economic situation in the world still looks like shit and there is not even a sign of a real change in the monetary policy. Especially in Europe the things are going to be worse in the upcoming months, so don't have any thoughts about a crypto ATH before the halving in 2024. Crypto has its own logic and cycle, but when we are in the middle of nowhere - just observe the global indexes and you will receive a lot of answers.