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Frequently Asked Questions


Which payment options do you accept?

We accept payments from a wide variety of debit or credit cards, regardless of your local currency. You can also pay by crypto using our collaboration with Coinbase.

How do the payments work?

Once you click on ‘Proceed to Coinbase’ you will be directed to Coinbase for payment using your preferred cryptocurrency. If you prefer paying by debit/credit card you will be directed to Stripe payment page. After payment has been made, please wait for the payment status page to show that it has been confirmed. Once the network has verified your payment you will be redirected to our website where you will receive further instructions.

Do I need Coinbase wallet to pay?

You do not need a Coinbase wallet account or wallet to pay. Coinbase Commerce is our payment processor and will redirect you to a Coinbase page in order to complete your purchase, but a Coinbase account or wallet is not required in order to pay.

Can I pay with PayPal?

No, we accept payments via virtual POS Terminal provided by Stripe – a trusted international partner with years of experience in the banking industry.

I sent from an exchange (Bybit, FTX, Binance) so my order was not processed right away?

Sending Bitcoin from an exchange might take too long and time out your order. We recommend you send Bitcoin through a private wallet. If you send us your order # from your order receipt we can correct the issue and activate your subscription.


How do I join/become a member?

Choose one of our products (HAVE crypto indicator or HAVE Trading book) and complete the checkout process. Please be sure to join HAVE crypto channel on Telegram for more info.

Can I purchase only the book or only the indicator?

Yes, you can. Just make a registration on our website and select one of our products. After payment we will send you the book directly to your email or/and give you access to our trading indicator. For discounts choose one of our promotional packages.

Do the membership prices ever change?

Yes, the membership pricing can be periodically adjusted based on the current market conditions. For your convenience, we offer long-term offers at a reduced price to allow you to secure your membership at current valuations.

How often does the indicator print signals?

It really depends on your trading style and settings. You can choose HAVE crypto indicator fast mode and receive 1-2 signals per day or if you prefer not to risk much – just use the slow mode. Always have a proper risk management strategy and don’t risk more than 5% of your trading capital in a single trade. More about risk management you can read in our book.

Is HAVE crypto indicator usable only with Bitcoin?

No. HAVE crypto indicator will interpret any chart that is accessible on TradingView, which includes crypto (all cryptocurrencies available on the market, 24/7), stocks, traditional currencies, futures, bonds and precious metals.

Indicator set-up

Do I need to have a TradingView account?

Yes. You will have to create a free account with TradingView to be able to access HAVE crypto indicator.

Do I need to have a paid TradingView account?

No. If you subscribe to the paid version of TradingView you get additional features such as the seconds chart and split chart features, but a paid subscription to TradingView is not required to use HAVE crypto indicator. HAVE crypto indicator will work fine with a free Tradingview account and has everything you need for a successful trading experience.

What will happen when my HAVE crypto indicator subscription ends?

Before your subscription ends you will receive email reminders to renew your service. Once your subscription runs out you will lose access to HAVE crypto indicator on your TradingView account. You will be notified of this by email. You can upgrade or renew your service any time through your Account page.

Where can I find my TradingView username?

Assuming you are signed in to TradingView already, your username can be found directly to the right of the search bar on the TradingView homepage as well as in your account info. The username is the only information we need from TradingView to be able to grant your account access.

I can’t see HAVE crypto indicator in TradingView

Make sure that you have deleted all indicators and reset all charts before logging in to the TradingView account with the username you provided when you purchased HAVE crypto indicator. Navigate to the Indicators & Strategies Library and find the folder "invite-only scripts." In this folder you will see HAVE crypto indicator. If you purchased HAVE crypto indicator and do not see it in the "invite-only scripts" folder, you may be logged into the wrong account or you may have misspelled your TradingView username when you signed up with us. If you still have questions please contact us. Be aware, after your purchase it may take up to 24 hours before HAVE crypto indicator will be visible.

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