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28 May Weekly report 22-28/05/2023
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Good morning crypto! Here is the latest weekly report for your favorite crypto currencies.Major levels for BTC and ETHBITCOINETHEREUMMA50 (D)28 189 $1886 $MA100 (D)26 780 $1793 $MA200 (D)22 879 $1581 $EMA 21 (W)25 889 $1755 $Great weekly close for both Bitcoin and Ethereum, which will potentially le..
12 May Weekly report 08-14/05/2023
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Good morning crypto! We are finally back with the reports, so let's start with the weekly one.Major levels for BTC and ETHBITCOINETHEREUMMA50 (D)28 493 $1883 $MA100 (D)26 123 $1759 $MA200 (D)22 319 $1556 $EMA 21 (W)25 306 $1716 $As you can see from the table above, we are still holding all major lev..
02 May Bitcoin vs Ethereum - which is a better investment?
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In the stock market, every investment is compared to the performance of the S&P 500 index. This is the index that shows the market as a whole. If an investment we made in a company or exchange-traded fund underperformed the S&P 500, then our investment underperformed the market and we would have bee..
02 May Trading or dollar-cost-averaging?
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The real money comes not in the buying or the selling, but in the waiting – Charlie MungerMunger may not have been talking about the crypto market, but the underlying philosophy holds true for the asset class. Crypto markets are made up of two types of investors – traders and HODLers. To many, the d..

How it all started...

"Good morning crypto! Welcome to my daily crypto newsletter…” Sounds familiar? Many of you may have started their day with my morning reports. Well, it’s time to see who stays behind these words.

I am Stefan, Founder and CEO of HAVE crypto!

HAVE crypto is an organization and trading group founded by me in late November 2020. Since its establishment, HAVE crypto has been striving to serve you quality and straight to the point content. I started with just a few followers on Twitter and after a few months now WE are a wonderful community with a free trading channel on Telegram and an Instagram account. Since then, my team and reputation have been growing rapidly, along with our accurate market projections!

Together with my friend Alexander Ilkov, who is also a blockchain specialist, we decided to make this website as a natural continuation of our mission - to break through stereotypes of traditional trading products with a fresh and different approach.

Knowledge, loyalty and innovation – these are the main values embodied by each of our team members. Most of my content will always remain FREE for you, because I don’t want to become a millionaire from your money – I want you to learn how to become millionaires with my products – HAVE Trading book and HAVE crypto indicator, which are the most affordable and complete trading stuff available on the internet.

Join us and break free from your chains with crypto.

I look forward to helping you and learn you how to make money by trading.

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